Leveraging Technologies

latest web design technologiesOn the web, change is the only constant, which means simply staying current is not an option. With the rapid growth of web design technologies, keeping up with the latest developments is essential to effective web development.

Unique Web Development utilizes the latest web design technologies available to help you succeed online, including:


We use HTML & XHTML to develop all of our websites. This is the framework upon which all websites are built, and we are experts at manipulating HTML/XHTML technology to achieve the look and feel you want from your website.

CSS / Responsive Web Design / Mobile Web Design

Though HTML and XHTML communicate well with browsers, adding CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to the mix opens up a world of options. CSS allows us to control the appearance of websites on all devices including mobiles, tablets, laptops, and TVs. Our fluency with CSS and responsive web design also enables us to minimize bulky web coding on each page of your website so your site runs smooth and fast, pleasing all of your web visitors.

JavaScript / jQuery

JavaScript is a scripting language used to enhance functionality and design, while jQuery is a JavaScript library which aids in web development. Though alternatives exist, we favour jQuery for its thorough documentation, vast plugin library and community support. JQuery is a web technology growing in popularity on the internet by the minute, and your expertise with jQuery will help ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

using jQuery on your website


With over 20 million domains using PHP, we are confident that PHP is the right choice for web projects of all sizes.  It’s ability to adapt to other resources allows us to create websites that are prepared for future technologies.  Additionally PHP is a free open source scripting language which draws a large community of supporters and has fueled it’s growth for over a decade.


While we can drone on about our cutting-edge technologies, it’s our people that make the difference. Our talented team of web designers and developers understand where technology fits, where it doesn’t, and how it can help you reach your unique goals on the web.

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