Posted on August 16, 2012 at 11:52 am

Content Management Case Study using WordPress

All Access Volunteers aims to be the valuable link between volunteers and other partner non-governmental organizations, providing a unique and customized volunteer experience. The initial project was a redesign of their previous WordPress website. Our new design is very clean, the tabbed navigation boxes on the homepage allow for easy access to everything on the website within a few clicks, and the footer content is helpful and relevant to all pages. The large and apparent search bar helps users get started right away in finding what they’re looking for by providing them with a way to easily narrow down the content.

Content Management

All Access Search

Prospective volunteers looking for a volunteering opportunity abroad can search our robust categorization system and apply for various opportunities listed. Volunteer opportunities can be sorted by their respective countries as well as their position type. These opportunities may also support groups of volunteers which can also be added to the search criteria. Many of the opportunities are categorized within multiple position types such as “Day Care” and “Working with Children” which allows for each opportunity to get the maximum amount of exposure when searched for. This also means there’s never a click which results in a dead end as there is always an alternative associated category to click on. All Access Helpful LinksFor example, a search for “Conservation” will show results for many opportunities also listed as “Animals & Wildlife” which users can click on to further narrow down the search.

Ease of Use

Applying for a volunteer position has been made incredibly easy. The “Apply” button is present on both the volunteer opportunities listing and in each single volunteer opportunity. The application will already be filled out with the data regarding the user’s chosen volunteer opportunity which makes it less of a hassle to fill out. Additionally, each category page and volunteer opportunity has dedicated space for customizable quick links. These links are helpful for users who may have clicked into an opportunity and in hindsight were unsure of the finer details such as volunteer insurance and frequently asked questions.