Posted on March 28, 2012 at 11:06 am

Logo Design: From Sketch to Completion in 1 Day

A logo is the perfect place to start if you’re seeking new branding or a fresh identity – a logo which allows you to stand above your competition. Unique Logo Design utilizes a 100% satisfaction guarantee that gets the job done right. Upcoming non-profit organization Canadian Tinnitus Foundation approached us with a need for a web identity – a new logo and a new website.

Logo Design:

Sketch - Canadian Tinnitus FoundationWith the logo influencing our direction in the design of the website, we opted for a simple solid, two-tone colour scheme to lead the clean design. The colours we chose were furthermore used in the headings and links on the website for brand consistency.

The objective: Create a logo to convey a sense of global unity, people coming together for a related cause – but not convey the pain and discomfort of the condition.

Design Process:

After our initial consultation with the client, we started with concept research – collecting various ideas and elements which fit the theme. We knew that we wanted to experiment with the idea of sound waves but needed to be careful we didn’t accidentally brand ourselves as a “mobile” or “audio” company. We also wanted to include multiple people within the logo to portray unity, fitting the “global” theme. Our designers produced a number of different sketches which we pitched to the client to get an idea of the direction they wanted to head in. We then refined our illustrations until the client’s needs were met.

It’s always important to be able to take a step back or a step in a new direction which is why when we’re in the digital illustration stages we will always analyze an element for how it can be different. For example, with the Canadian Tinnitus Foundation we tried multiple ways to portray the sound waves and people using alternative colours and sizes.

We’ll go back and forth as needed until the client is 100% satisfied in the final logo design.

Logo Design Draft Iterations:

Logo Design - Canadian Tinnitus Foundation

Logo Design Result:

The end result is a clean and unique identity which aligns itself to the objective. Additionally, the logo is highly scalable due to it’s simplicity, and will provide the Canadian Tinnitus Foundation with the branding it needs to make a memorable impact.