Posted on March 28, 2012 at 4:22 pm

Website Redesign Case Study for Urist Cosmetics Inc.

As we have been working with Urist Cosmetics for quite a few years, it was a delight to have the opportunity to redesign their website. Their Website Redesign is part of a larger-scale plan aimed to boost their quality of leads received through the website. We feel that a fresh “face” for the company will help do just the trick.

Website Design:

We were happy with the previous colour scheme and some of the previous website elements, but what we needed to do was give it an upgrade – a Web 2.0 upgrade. The new design is meant to be displayed on today’s modern resolutions and widescreen monitors while still providing a clear and organized layout for all users (including mobile). The sidebar buttons which provide quick access to prominent areas of the website are large and visible.  Additionally, a new “Featured Products” section was added to allow the client an easy way to promote products of their choice.

Upgrading to WordPress:

With the functionality of the website and ease of use being key factors, we opted to build the website in WordPress which allows the client to easily update and generate content for their website. Any quick changes to pages can be accomplished by the staff of Urist Cosmetics with ease. The product listing page is dynamically populated by the products themselves which means that when Urist Cosmetics has a new product it can be easily added without any technical knowledge.

Website Development Techniques:

  • Custom Featured Products – The products listed on the homepage can be updated with a few clicks to allow for the staff of Urist Cosmetics to promote what they want when they want.
  • Contact Form to Email – A highly functional and specific contact form helps to fight spam and allows Urist Cosmetics to easily distinguish quality leads from non-serious inquirers.
  • Robust Product Listing – Their online catalog is automatically populated by all existing products – never needing a manual update.
  • HTML5 Media Player – We developed a brand new HTML5 audio player to replace the Flash player from the previous website. The new player reduces site load times and eliminates compatibility problems with some mobile devices such as the iPhone.

Urist Cosmetics Featured Products


Our end-result is part of the strategy to increase quality leads. Although it’s too soon to tell, the statistics are already on the rise.